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3 Tips For Packing Your Clothes During A Move

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As your moving date gets closer, you will need to start making sure that everything in your home is packed up and ready to go. One group of items that you may be struggling to figure out how to pack is your clothing. Here are some tips for getting those items to your new place.

1. Keep The Clothes On Hangers

The easiest way to deal with your clothing will be to keep everything on their original hangers. This will allow you to put them directly into your new closet without taking the time to put each item onto a new hanger. However, you will still need to put the clothes into something that will protect them.

One way to do this is with suit bags. They are fairly cheap and designed to put clothes in them while they are still on the hangers. You can stuff these bags full of clothes, and the weight will still be manageable that you can move them on your own. Just be prepared that some of the hangers may break in transit, especially if they get snagged on something while moving them.

You can also buy a wardrobe box if you want to pack your moving truck more efficiently. These tall boxes have a metal bar to hang your clothing up and can be sealed by closing up the sides. It will fit perfectly on the moving truck with all your other boxes and have no places where hangers can snap in half.

2. Use Your Dresser Drawers

You can use your dresser to move all of those odd shaped items that do not fit well on hangers, such as socks or underwear. Instead of emptying the drawers and putting everything into a box, just keep them right in the dresser. Be mindful of the weight to ensure that the dresser is not too heavy to move.

It will also help to wrap the dresser with plastic wrap to keep the drawers shut. The last thing you want to happen is for the drawers to slide open and break off in transit.

3. Pack Your Suitcases

Your empty suitcases can also be used to store clothing during your move. Try to use your suitcases for your essential clothing items over the next week, just in case you do not have time to unpack your clothing quickly after you move in.

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