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How To Transport A Hot Tub

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If you have a hot tub, you likely didn't think you would ever need to move it. Now, you wonder how in the world will you transport it. Hot tubs are heavy, and it requires special tools and assistance to move them. You don't have to hire a professional mover, provided you use caution. Here are tips to get a hot tub ready for relocation.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • assistants
  • appliance dolly
  • two furniture dollies with four wheels
  • electric screwdriver
  • string or trash bag ties
  • four by four lumber 

Be mindful of wiring when you move the hot tub. Wiring that is left unsecured will get damaged or cause tripping accidents. One way to secure wires is by grouping them together and tying them with string or trash bag ties.

Disconnect the power to the hot tub, and place the cord in the wood enclosure underneath it. The motor should be properly secured.

Connect a garden hose to the drain port, drain the water outside or in a nearby faucet, and close the drain cap. Let the inside dry. A dry tub makes it much less likely that it will slip from your hands.

Get the Hot Tub Ready for the Dolly

Use the screwdriver to detach covers. Store the screws in a small container.

Enlist the help of at least four other adults besides yourself. Designate one adult as a spotter to ensure the tub doesn't tilt.

Lay the tub on its side to help move it through narrow spaces. Get everyone to lift the first corner, and set it on a four by four ply-board.

Move the Hot Tub

Use furniture dollies to move the tub on flat surfaces. Set the front of the tub on one furniture dolly, and set the back end on another. Secure the straps. Make sure to transfer the tub to an appliance dolly whenever you have to move it down stairs.

To get the tub in the moving truck, have one person guide it from the inside the bed and two people to lift it from the dolly. After you get the tub to the new location, get two people to stand on the side that will be moved to the ground and one person at each end.

Move the hot tub down by gripping the sides and corner. Remove it from the dollies one end at a time.

Preparation is the key to moving hot tubs yourself. If you don't feel comfortable doing this or back problems prevent you from lifting, contact a mover. For more information, contact a professional in your area or visit a website like