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How To Declutter With Storage Units

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Storage unit rentals are the perfect solution to overflowing closets and cramped garages. Many families are joining to save on resources during the pandemic. Some families with aging family members move back in together to provide physical support for their loved ones. Families who combine their spaces often find that closets have several decades of personal and household items. Cluttered spaces can feel unwelcoming, stressful, and may cause accidents. Items that are stacked neatly in bins or boxes can easily fall when normal household activities occur. Children, dogs, and elderly family members are the most vulnerable to these accidents. Here are a few ways to improve household spaces with one or multiple self storage unit rentals. 

Tackling a clutter filled house can feel overwhelming and may be put off to a future someday. Going through each room and setting aside items that are no longer needed currently in the home is important. Seasonal clothing, shoes, athletic equipment, and home décor items can be set aside for the self storage rentals. Labelling sealed bins or boxes is the best way to know exactly what the contents are. Color coding each room is another way to have further organization when items are moved to the storage unit. Once items are somewhat organized start moving them to a local self storage. 

Reach out to the storage unit rentals for a price quote and to see which size storage units are available. Always ask if the units are temperature controlled or traditional outdoor units. Many self storage companies offer small moving trucks or large vans to assist their clients moving in. There may be special rates for new customers or for selecting a certain size storage unit. Insurance may be offered by the self storage company; in the event the new renter does not have homeowners or renter's insurance policy. Additional insurance options may be available through the self storage company for an additional cost. 

Always check the property to see what type of security measures are already in place. There may be additional exterior lighting, password protected areas, and security cameras. After moving into the storage unit rentals consider purchasing additional shelving or racks to further maximize the self storage space. If storage needs change, consider upgrading to a larger unit or renting an additional self storage space. Use these tips when obtaining one or multiple self storage unit rentals to create more living space.