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4 Common Mistakes That Sabotage The Storage Unit Rental Experience

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Renting a storage unit is a pretty simple process. Why, then, are there people who complain endlessly about their horrible storage experiences? Usually, it is because they made one of these four fatal mistakes when renting their storage unit.

1. Choosing a non-climate-controlled unit when you really need climate control.

There's nothing that will make your heart drop more than pulling your valued sofa out of storage and finding that it is full of mold. At this point, some people blame the storage facility, but unless you booked a climate-controlled unit, this is not at all their fault. Climate-controlled units hold the temperature and humidity in a narrow range so that you don't get mold growth like this. They cost a few more dollars per month, but they are absolutely worth it if you are storing furniture, clothing, electronics, or anything else that is vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes.

2. Stacking items on top of furniture.

You can set a heavy item on a sofa for a few days and it won't cause any issues. But if that heavy item sits there for months on end, you may end up with a permanent impression in the sofa. The same goes for mattresses and other soft furniture. If you do not want your furniture ruined, only stack things on actual shelves. If you need to store items on top of the sofa or other soft furniture to save space, only store linens, towels, clothes, and other lightweight things in this area.

3. Putting items directly on the floor.

Even if the storage unit currently seems very dry, liquid could easily be introduced to the floor if the facility's gutter system fails during a big storm or if someone spills something in the unit next door. So, always store your items on pallets or shelves if you don't want to find them wet when you return.

4. Choosing a storage unit that's too small.

Many people try to skimp and save by renting a smaller storage unit. But it's so much harder to stack everything safely and in a way that provides easy access when you have a tiny storage unit. Spring for a unit that's a bit larger, and your storage experience will go more smoothly.

To learn more about these and other common storage mistakes, talk to a storage facility operator in your area. They'll be glad to tell you what not to do when renting a storage unit!