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A Few Tips For A Smooth Move To Your New Home

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Moving to a new home is an exciting time. You get to start a new life in a fresh place. Don't let disorganization ruin the experience. Moving can be very stressful on the entire family if you let it. Here are a few tips that help make your move easier on everyone.

Book Your Mover Well In Advance

As soon as you know you're going to move, start calling movers for information. You want to know about the expense, availability, equipment supplied, services offered, and insurance coverage. Once you've narrowed your choices down, you'll want the movers to come to your home to give you an accurate quote on moving your things. It's not really possible to do that over the phone. Don't forget to show the mover your attic and barn if you have things there you're going to take with you. Be sure the company knows about unusual things too, such as valuable artwork or a piano as these need special handling. Once you've chosen your mover, go ahead and book your dates. Try to get your dates booked about a month in advance at the latest, especially if you have to move during the busy summer season.

Use Lots Of Zip Lock Bags

You know how important it is to buy moving boxes of the same size so they are sturdy and stack well. However, small things need a solution of their own. The answer is zip lock bags. You can use larger bags to hold contents of drawers so all you have to do is empty the bag into the drawer when you get to your new house. Smaller bags can be used to hold screws and other small pieces from furniture you have to dismantle. Just tape the bag to the furniture and it will be handy and ready to go when you want to put the furniture back together.

Let The Movers Help With Packing

Packing and unpacking are some moving services you may want to use. You may not want the movers to pack everything, especially if you want to start boxing things up early. However, there are some things the movers may be better at packing than you are. That would include fragile lamps, artwork, pictures in large frames, and other fragile or valuable items. Plus, your mover may be a better choice to take apart furniture so it fits in the truck more easily. Let the movers know what you want help with so they bring the appropriate packing supplies with them to get the job done. Movers often provide many services that make your moving experience an easier one.

Keep A Clear Path

Your movers work hard lugging your heavy belongs on and off the truck. Make it easy on them by keeping your boxes organized. Keep your things away from the door and establish wide paths through your home so the movers can move freely. Since furniture will go on first, have it clear of boxes and supplies so it is ready to go out the door. Keep heavy boxes together if possible, so movers can put those on the truck before the lighter boxes.

Try to maintain a stress-free atmosphere for everyone. Remember, the movers are professionals and know what they're doing. There is no need to fret and hover. Instead, you can offer refreshments and snacks to keep everyone in a good mood. Contact professionals like Bekins Transfer & Storage to learn more.