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Moving While Pregnant: 3 Tips To Make The Experience Much Less Stressful

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Being pregnant is stressful enough on your body. Paired with the additional stress of having to move, you could easily burn out during this period of time. It's wise to get as much help as possible through a professional moving company. To further ensure that you don't take on too much or stress yourself out, implement the following 3 tips.

Pack a Bag of Essentials With You to Satisfy Pregnancy Cravings and Needs

Pregnancy does funny things to your hormones, and you might find yourself having cravings or having additional needs to cater to. Before the professional movers arrive, pack a bag of essentials that you plan on keeping close to you throughout the move. The bag of essentials should have any medications that you need throughout the pregnancy, blankets or other items you tend to lean on for comfort, and additional items that you'll need access to immediately. Don't pack these items in cardboard boxes or you'll have a hard time unpacking everything to look for them later on.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Items and Spend Time Packing the Smaller Things

Due to pregnancy, most physicians recommend that you lift a lot less than what you could before you were pregnant. The rule of thumb is to lift 20% to 25% less weight than what you were capable of lifting in your pre-pregnancy state. It's best to leave most of the work and the heavy lifting to the professional movers. Spend your time packing some of the smaller things, like utensils, into the right boxes.

Schedule Sufficient Breaks Ahead of Time

Even if you're quite strong, pregnancy makes your body a lot more fragile and delicate than it was before. Standing too much can cause your ankles and feet to swell up. Pay attention to your body during the move, and make sure that you schedule sufficient breaks for yourself ahead of time. In short, expect the move to take a bit longer if you're pregnant. Consider setting up a rest station outside of the house where you can sit and relax when things get too stressful.


With help from a company that offers moving services, the moving process can be smooth and simple. It doesn't necessarily have to be stressful. If you're quite particular about how you want things packed, write out instructions and send them to the professional moving company ahead of time, so that they can accommodate your requests with much more ease during the day of the move.