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4 Tips For Storing Your Piano Properly

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Pianos are delicate instruments despite being one of the heaviest and sturdiest of instruments that are out there. This is because pianos have many delicate and intricately designed components that make it work. This is why, when it comes to storing your piano at any point, you need to do so properly to ensure that it continues to stay in working condition. You may consider storing your piano if you are moving or do not currently have the space for it. Here are four tips to help you store your piano:

  1. Hire Professional Movers: First off, you want to hire professional movers who can bring your piano safely to storage. Attempting to move the piano on your own is dangerous because they are so heavy. You can seriously injury yourself, especially your back. Piano moving companies have the right tools to move a piano safely. These tools include blankets to wrap the piano, as well as rubber bands and straps. 
  2. Choose Climate Controlled Storage: When putting your piano away in storage, you want to be sure that you choose a storage unit that is climate controlled. Since pianos are such delicate instruments, the climate can make a huge impact. For example, pianos cannot be stored in humid conditions because it can cause problems with the components that make up the piano's structure. 
  3. Visit for Tuning: Once your piano is in storage, do not simply forget that it is there. You should still be giving your piano regular tune-ups either performed by yourself or a professional. Be sure that your storage facility has visiting hours that are reasonable for you to do this, especially if you plan on hiring a professional for regular tune-ups who you feel comfortable enough to give access to your storage unit. This is important to keep the piano in working condition, plus it gives you time to determine if there are any possible damages to the piano. 
  4. Choose a Storage Facility Who Specialize in Piano Storage: Being sure that you work with a storage facility that has experience with piano storage is important. This is because you can be sure that they have large enough storage units for your piano and employees who know how to carefully handle the piano, especially movers. 

When you consider these four tips, storing your piano can be done properly to ensure that once you are ready to take it out of storage, it is still going to be in good, working condition.