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Worried About Bugs Causing Damage To Your Items? Focus On Prevention When Filling A Storage Unit

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When it comes to storing items in your basement, garage, or even outside, one of the main things that you need to worry about is bugs. It is possible for an insect infestation to lead to damaged possessions. In some cases, you might have a risky situation if it ends up being black widow spiders. So you should do what you can to prevent these issues from happening, which can also happen in a storage unit. If you are making the transition from storing things in non-optimal places around your home, you will find it beneficial to focus on preventative measures to keep insects out of the storage unit you eventually use.

Pack All Things in Protective Containers

It is imperative to pack your items into containers, boxes, or bins that keep the bugs out. This means you will want to start with plastic as the bugs will not be able to chew their way through the bottom or sides. Then, you can take it a step further by getting containers that have some degree of an airtight seal. This feature will stop small insects from being able to crawl inside the bin or box after looking around for an opening.

Do Not Eat or Drink in the Unit

When you have several trips to take and more than a few hours to invest in filling up your storage unit, it is likely that you will take several breaks and even have lunch on the go. But you want to avoid eating or drinking anything aside from water inside or around the unit because this can lead to crumbs and spills. It is not easy to notice when a piece of chip or bread happens to break off and hit the ground, but this will make it more tempting for insects to look around your storage unit in search of this food.

Focus on the Right Qualities

It is also possible to avoid most insect problems by picking an ideal storage unit in the first place. A ground-floor unit without climate control is not going to give you much protection. But a unit on the second or third floor of an indoor facility that provides reliable climate control all year long is an excellent choice. It is just a matter of finding out what features you can get for the budget that you have for storage.

Following these tips will make it easier to avoid bug problems inside your storage unit.